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TALAT (Training in ALuminium Application Technology)

TALAT is a comprehensive collection of reference documents for engineers and researchers in industries and universities; it includes 152 lectures in PDF format representing 3000 pages with over 2300 diagrams. TALAT is organised in 5 major chapters covering the main aspects of aluminium production and fabrication processes: from bauxite mining to surface finishing.

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aluSELECT is an online database facilitating the selection of an appropriate alloy and temper for your application. The database contains information about mechanical, physical and chemical properties of aluminium alloys. At present, 35 wrought alloys and 12 casting alloys are indexed.

The aluSELECT website is conceived as a source of information. For design purposes and specification e.g. engineering requirements and for any other practical application, users shall refer to the data provided by their supplier.

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