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Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q

How to number and write an aluminium alloy correctly, e.g. EN AW-6060?

Internationally registered alloys are named by a four-digit number. Regardless of the various prefixes (EN AW, AW, AA), these four-digit alloys can be considered equivalent. The prefix does not change the chemical composition limits! (For further details on this four-digit number see the next answer)

As example, an alloy named AA 6063, AW-6063, A96063 or simply 6063 without prefix is identical. In Europe, the relevant European Standard EN 573-1 requires the following writing:

EN AW-xxxx EN = European Standard A = Aluminium W = Wrought

Example: EN AW-6063

In case, you have to add a temper, this shall follow the four-digit number separated by a hyphen (according EN 515):

EN AW-xxxx-Xxx

Example: EN AW-6063-T6

Please take care on the correct typing of hyphens, blank spaces, etc. You should refrain from using the old chemical composition system (EN AW-Al MgSi, etc.) as it will disappear in the medium-term.