Industrialising energy-efficient electrolysis production technology

During the last decade, Hydro’s researchers have developed a new generation of electrolysis technology that can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to existing production technologies. The new technology is now being tested in a full-scale production plant.

The pilot plant, which started production in early 2018, produces about 75 000 tonnes of aluminium a year and represents the world’s most energy-efficient aluminium production line.

On world average, production of aluminium consumes 14 MWh/ton aluminium. With the pilot plant at Karmøy, Hydro is reducing consumption to below 12.3 MWh/ton.

The pilot consists of physical technology elements and an improved process control system. Several of these elements are capable of being tailored for and used in, Hydro’s existing aluminium plants. This makes the technology an advance not only for Karmøy but for all primary aluminium plants.

This Hydro technology uses 15 percent less energy for aluminium production than the global average, providing the lowest CO2 footprint in the world.