Recovery of Critical Metals from the Bauxite Residues of the primary alumina refining industry

The Mud2Metal consortium seeks to develop both the fundamental knowledge and the applied technology for recovery of metals from the Bauxite Residues (red mud). Fundamental knowledge production into the interactions of the metal oxides in the Bauxite Residues and their potential separation methods will be pursued through industrially sponsored PhD programs with collaborating university departments.

Aluminium of Greece (AoG) will be the coordinator and center of the Mud2Metal consortium. AoG is actively developing technologies for the zero-waste processing of the bauxite residues generated during alumina production.

Through previous and on-going EC funded projects, AoG has developed processes for:

  • Production of pig-iron and mineral wool from Bauxite Residues
  • Extraction of REE and Scandium from Bauxite Residues
  • Production of construction materials from Bauxite Residues

In the frame of the Mud2Metal initiative, AoG is pushing towards creating a holistic approach that will achieve zero-waste and resource efficient processing of the residues at an industrial pilot level.

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