A new high-strength aluminum alloy for automotive applications

In close cooperation with automotive manufacturers, Aleris has developed Structurlite® 400, a new high-strength aluminum alloy. Structurlite® 400 enables automotive manufacturers to replace high-strength steel in roof beams and door stile support structures with aluminum, thereby ensuring they meet the increasingly demanding weight-limit requirements of the future. Decades of 7xxx alloy aircraft design and manufacturing experience have given Aleris the expertise to develop Structurlite® 400 for special high-strength automotive applications. It means that Aleris’ new technology uses all the high-strength benefits of 7xxx alloys while overcoming the traditional forming limitations of the past.

Structurlite® 400 offers customers a step-change improvement in yield strength (>400MPa) versus 6xxx alloys, including: excellent welding properties, lower spring-back after forming, significantly improved cold workability and deep drawing of simple geometries. The result is that OEMs are able to use this new high-strength material to further advance their lightweight design abilities in more challenging environments.