A commitment to sustainability


Aluminium offers solutions to many of Europe’s sustainability challenges: it can enable its low-carbon, resource-efficient agenda and support long-lasting growth and a more competitive EU economy.

With our Sustainability Roadmap 2025, we demonstrate how the European aluminium industry is committed to foster change to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society.

We work together with our members and our stakeholders to tackle the most pressing challenges facing the aluminium sector

  • Responsible production: We strive to improve the environmental performance of our industrial processes across the whole value chain.
  • Innovative application: We want to bring real world benefits in strategic markets such as mobility, construction and packaging.
  • Socio-economic contribution: We care for our people and communities around and aim at ensuring safety, equality, diversity and inclusiveness in our workplace.

We report on our industry’s performance

We monitor a wide range of indicators directly collected from aluminium companies operating in Europe to assess the progress made towards the targets of the Sustainability Roadmap. The baseline for the objectives in the Sustainability Roadmap is 2012.

  • Since 2012, the direct GHG emissions from the primary production have decreased by 3% and by 8% for the entire industry (per tonne of aluminium produced);
  • Energy consumption from the entire aluminium industry in Europe has decreased by 3% since 2012;
  • The Total Recordable Incidents (TRI) has decreased by 5% since 2012: 7.3 TRI per million of hours worked
  • The training hours (per person per year) have increased by 27% since 2012.

More information is available in the full report and in our data section.

We contribute to the achievement of the SDGs 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 provide a universal framework for businesses to demonstrate and enhance their positive contribution to society. We have partnered with CSR Europe – the leading European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility – to assess the impact of our sector on the SDGs and opportunities for change. CSR Europe helps us connect our current Sustainability Road Map to the SDGs, and together we explore potential for increased impact and actions to meet our sustainability goals. Stay tuned to see our actions.

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We walk the talk on sustainability

The European aluminium industry takes very concrete initiatives to move the sustainability agenda forward, in various fields: climate change, energy efficiency, recycling, safety, gender equality, etc.

Our Sustainability Stories depict how our member companies create shared value to society.

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