22 JUNE 2017

European Aluminium speaks up at the 232 investigation in Washington DC

Today the US Department of Commerce is holding a public hearing on the Section 232 Investigation into the impact of aluminium imports on US national security.

Gerd Götz, Director General of European Aluminium, is testifying on behalf of the European aluminium industry.

In his speech, he highlighted three key elements for the US Administration to take into account:
1. European imports of aluminium pose no threat to US national security and should be excluded from any proposed action under the current Section 232 Investigation.
2. The American and European aluminium industries are strongly interlinked. We are truly united in our day-to-day business.
3. The common threat of Chinese aluminium overcapacity requires a strong US-Europe coalition to reach a global solution to this unsustainable global risk.

In his testimony Gerd Götz stated:
European Aluminium shares the concerns of the US government regarding the significant Chinese aluminium overcapacity and its impact on the US and European industries, despite the healthy demand for aluminium worldwide.

However, we are concerned that measures, as the ones that seem to be under consideration under the current 232 investigation on national security, will not provide the lasting solution needed by our markets and may have unintended negative consequences for integrated aluminium supply chains. In any event, European aluminium imports should not be the subject to proposed measures under the Section 232 investigation on national security, since they do not represent a threat to US national security.

The conclusion is clear: continued joint efforts between the US and Europe are necessary to tackle the root causes of the global excess capacity and to secure balance in the US and European aluminium markets.”

Yesterday the European, American and Canadian aluminium associations published a joint statement in support of European Aluminium’s testimony.