Storytime: Beyond Brussels

In Beyond Brussels, our external newsletter, we highlight aluminium’s role in the wider society and feature the people and initiatives that are shaping the industry. Each edition focuses on a different topic: from mobility to aluminium packaging and the circular economy. Find out more about our industry’s many faces of collaboration, innovation, growth and sustainability through the stories below!

Storytime: Aluminium Packaging: Circular by Nature

Aluminium packaging plays a critical role in establishing a truly circular economy. Thanks to its characteristics as a permanent material, aluminium in packaging can be recycled endlessly without losing its properties. How can we maximise the re-use of aluminium packaging for new applications? Find out below!

Public perception

What do Belgians do with their can when they are on the go and do they know what happens with their can afterwards? The Every Can Counts team went to the Libramont Fair to find out!

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Every Can Counts

Learn more about the cross-European behavourial change programme that encourages people to recycle the beverage cans they use when they are away from home.

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EU Recycling Targets

What can the Member States do to meet the ambitious 2025 aluminium packaging recycling targets?

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Packaging Data

What type of collection systems for aluminium cans do we have in Europe and how well does your country perform when it comes to recycling these cans?

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Permanent Material

See how even the smallest aluminium particles can be recovered from waste-to-energy plants!


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Storytime: How aluminium contributes to decarbonising transport

Mobility affects each and every one of us, every day. But who are the people behind the cars, bikes, planes, scooters that make it possible to get from one place to another? And how can aluminium contribute to building a low carbon society? That is the subject of today's story.

Industry voice

We asked Catherine Athènes, Marketing and Sustainability Director at Constellium, to share her views on mobility in her work and in her city, Paris. 



Why lightweight materials like aluminium can accelerate the transition to low carbon mobility? 

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Schuman 2030

How do you imagine mobility in the future? We envision light, clean and safe mobility.

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Ricicletta competition

And the winner is... Alessandro Coda from CLEPA! See what he said about his new aluminium bike.

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Ducker study

Aluminium in cars to increase by up to 30% over the next 10 years, growing from 150kg to 200kg per vehicle.

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